Thursday, September 16, 2004

"We'll look at it carefully"

The US is keeping a keen eye on Pervez Musharraf and his grip on the Pakastani military:

Washington, September 16: The United States has said it was aware of the announcement that Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf would stay on as head of the armed forces and as the country's president and would "look at it carefully."

"I don't have anything on that right now. We've seen the announcement. We'll look at it carefully," State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher said on Wednesday.

Pakistan Information Minister Shiekh Rashid Ahmed had announced in Islamabad on Wednesday that Musharraf would not quit as the Army Chief in view of the "prevailing circumstances" in Pakistan and the Constitution allowed the President to retain both the posts.

Boucher said the US always supported movement and progress towards democracy in Pakistan.

"It's been our fundamental view. What we want to say about this specific step, I'll have to consider and we'll get back to you," he said.

When asked whether he thought that such a move would be a step in the right direction towards democracy, the State Department spokesman said : "I'll have to look at the step and consider it and get back to you."


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