Wednesday, October 06, 2004


The US vetoes another anti-Israel resolution at the UN:

The United States on Tuesday vetoed a Security Council resolution calling on Israel to end its incursion in northern Gaza, saying it was "lopsided and imbalanced" and not useful in stopping violence in the Middle East.

Eleven countries voted in favor of the resolution, which also demanded the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip. Britain, Germany and Romania abstained, saying the resolution did not call on the Palestinians to halt their attacks.

Israel launched the military offensive — its biggest in Gaza during four years of conflict — after a volley of homemade rockets fired by militants with the Hamas group killed two children, ages 2 and 4, on Sept. 29 in the town of Sderot. More than 80 Palestinians have died in the incursion.

"Ultimately, a resolution like this emboldens terrorists, encourages counterattacks and contributes to the ultimate terrorist goal of derailing the peace process," said U.S. Ambassador John C. Danforth, explaining the U.S. veto. "The Security Council should reverse the incessant stream of one anti-Israel resolution after the other and apply pressure evenhandedly on both sides to return to the road to peace."


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