Friday, October 08, 2004

Y S R Prasad and Ch Surender

India wants the US to lift its sanctions against two Indian nuclear scientists:

The US is "privately" handling India's request to lift sanctions imposed on two of its scientists for allegedly selling weapons and providing sensitive technology to Iran.

The US is handling the issue of sanctions imposed on two of India's atomic scientists, Y S R Prasad and Ch Surender, both of whom had headed the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, State Department Deputy Spokesman Adam Ereli told reporters.

The Ministry of External Affairs, had earlier this month, rejected the US charge against the two Indian scientists and urged Washington to withdraw sanctions imposed on them.

"No sale of materials, equipment and technologies was involved. No transfer of sensitive technology has taken place...the US Government has been requested to review the issue and to withdraw the sanctions imposed," it had said.

"The Government of India's commitment to prevent onward proliferation is second to none and our track record in this regard is well known."

It had said the scientists had nothing whatever to do with Iran's alleged nuclear weapons programme. One of them had gone on a UN assignment and the other had not visited Iran at all.

On September 29, the US slapped sanctions on the two Indians, seven Chinese firms as also companies from Belarus, North Korea, Russia, Spain and Ukraine for allegedly selling weapons or cruise and ballistic missile technology and equipment to Iran.


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